Female Diabotical Invitational Winners

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

We had a chance to sit down with both LadyD and Skrawz from Team Scythe to ask them how they felt about winning our first FDI Event! They talked about their thoughts during the matches, how we can continue to grow our events and how they felt about winning! This is what they had to say:

LadyD- "I was very happy to participate in this event considering that my favorite team mode is exactly 2 vs 2. I was pleasantly surprised by the girl’s skill as they confidently fought back in every game. As a result of the event everything was great but there was a lack of participants so the tournament was short. I know there are many girls in the community with a good level of play but they were not in the tournament. Sad. I would like to have a full bracket of 16 teams with a double elimination system (please note that when playing according to this system the team that passed the winners grid must have + 1 point in the grand final of the game or there must be two finals). To get more players need make an announcement at least in month time and give more advertising. Preferable not to match events with any other major diabotical or quake champions tournaments due to the fact that the community of these games are one. With a small number of teams, you can arrange battles with each other and based on the total of the points scored make a grand final among the strongest two teams that scored most. As for the game modes everyone have their own preferences! I love 2 vs 2! whatever it's tdm, aim for the arena or instagib. And it’s the best mode for recruiting more teams. Duels are not bad either, but I'm not sure if any of the girls play them at all. In general, everything is great I wish only there were more participants, hugged everyone"

Skrawz-"I was really happy to be able to take part in the tournament, play with and against other girls, experience their playstyles and just have ton of fun. I also wish more girls would decide to give it a try because taking part in tournaments has many positive values, for example, meeting new people, managing the stress in a better way and having a reason to practice and improve at a game. Its really motivational! The games were interesting, we dropped a map to chompa and Beth which showed that everyone can make mistakes but also everyone can make a come back and focus to play even better. I would also like to see more 2v2 tournaments in the future because I feel it brings the girls together and gives them a great opportunity to find a practice partner. With bigger team sizes its harder, especially in a smaller community like ours. "

Thank you again for all the girls who participated in the event and to those who were there to support. We hope everyone had fun and we are excited to announce the next FDI event soon!

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