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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Congrats on receiving an invite to the Female Diabotical Invitational on Nov 7th. Who will be your 2v2 partner? What do you think your team's strengths and weaknesses are?

Thank you for the invitation, it is very interesting to participate in such an event. Skraws will be my partner in this tournament! To the fact that both us played and streamed duels in quake champions we know each other already for a while. As for our weaknesses, it’s firstly the language barrier! She knows a little bit of Russian, and I do understand a little bit of English… This leads us to a really hard way of communication as I cannot understand or say anything I need on English… just something very simple. Sometimes you want to give important information but instead I stay silent. And secondly, team play! We never played together until recently, although I think there will be no teams who played at the tournament as such (duo together), so I don’t even know if this should be taken into account as a weak side, everyone will be in the same situation I guess. As for the strong point we are both quite experienced players in fps arena shooters! I think the lack of communication and low team play will be compensated and covered with our experience from past.

How many years have you been playing games? What is your favorite genre and why?

I have been playing games since the early 2000’s! that time we had no internet and I quickly got bored with single play games. The first time I remember having access to the internet was in 2009 and since I never stopped playing online games. So we can say that I have already around 12 years of experience behind my back playing online games against other players. Most of all I like the classic FPS arena shooters, whose popularity is now at zero in comparison with the world scene of other games. However, I really still think that these are the most spectacular and skill-dependent games, with a high threshold of entry, with high speeds and a battle of skill and intelligence, and this really attracts me. There is no other type of game where I do feel so much competitive. It's really sad that games such as unreal tournament, quake etc. are not very popular :(

IMPORTANT QUESTION- What are your peripherals? :)

I always wanted feel myself comfortable in the games, so recently I have acquired good devices such Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO headphones, Logitech G Pro Wirelessa mouse etc. A detailed description of everything that I use at the moment can be viewed on my twitch in the channel description -

You have participated in all of our GH’s community tournaments and are now participating in our invitational, Have you or do you plan on entering any of the other Diabotical tournaments?

.This is hard question because unfortunately no girl can play on same lever with existing pro league gamers! I would say depend on tournament organisation/terms and conditions I may build my decision so answer may warry.

Do you prefer team modes or duel more in Arena FPS?

I like both duel and team mode! but from the team modes I do respect only tdm 2 vs 2, clan arena / aim arena 2 vs 2 and instagib tdm 2 vs 2 or instagib ctf 2 vs 2… rest are not my type of games …I don’t like them so I do not play them! I prefer classic kills instead of moving around map some strange ball with no reason

What kinds of things do you do to prepare for a tournament? Do you ever get nervous? If so, how do you deal with those feelings?

Usually, I do not prepare for any tournaments, if I did register for one then I rely on my strength and experience just keep playing public or ranked games as usually to stay fit. However, before November 7 we played three practice games each for an hour approximately so we at least know each other in interaction. As for my nerves huh. about 8 years ago I learned how to complete control myself. I learned to control emotions inside even in the most intense matches that why my face on stream is famous - a brick face xD imperturbable and stern) when I am playing my mind is fully focused on game. To get rid of the nerves of those who have it, my advice for those who is very emotional - play with the idea that you are the king of the hill even if you cannot do anything! Try get stronger or give up! In the end, strongest always wins.

What is your opinion of the overall growth of women in Esports in the last 10 years?

I think that women's esports is not developed at all, although there are a lot of female players now here in 2020 playing games even on pro level. Nobody wants to sponsor women's teams or tournaments. Probably, this is not interesting to anyone (except for the girls themselves), or there are still not enough of us. Hopefully there will be a place for women's esports someday!

Do you have any goals you would like to achieve as a player and in Esports?

I always wanted to take part in LANs and win (I already did this in the unreal tournament game). However, the game that I loved died in the end, and in a new game is extremely difficult to show a high result because it takes a lot of time to study game mechanics and get excellent results. Currently there is no way for me to play even 4 hours daily without pauses. However, if any woman’s major diabotic LAN were announced I would prepare myself definitely!

Who inspires you the most in the Arena FPS scene?

Cypher and Cooller from quake and Hypno from Unreal tournament!

They are my hill to see how high I can grow and they inspire me go forward!

Last, but very important.. Do you have any advice for women who have thought about competing but haven’t taken the first steps to enter into a tournament?

Just be very confident and not afraid of their level. Don’t be afraid to lose, because if you lose now, it does not mean that you will lose later!

Good luck, I love everyone

Axxaxa that’s it ;)

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