Female Diabotical

What is Diabotical?

Diabotical is a 2020 multiplayer-only first-person shooter developed by Swedish team GD Studio and published by Epic Games. It is set in the Arena FPS genre and features gameplay similar to Quake III Arena and its successors, with a variety of game modes, weapons, and complex movement mechanics.




Girls’ Nights is a casual bimonthly Diabotical event. They include prizes in form of gifted Twitch subscriptions.

We decided on quite a fun format: players register solo and are assigned to teams, drawn at random or seeded according to recent performance. Teams are split and assigned to two separate groups - green and purple. Each team from the green group faces each team from the purple group, collecting points for their own group.  The best part is that every player from the big Group receives rewards. 

The player with the highest damage/min stat from all the matches combined obtains the glorious title of MVP and an additional prize. 


Female DBT


A challenging competition for the chosen ones which takes place when we are all ready and warmed up after Girls' Nights.

For those who are seeking for a more serious competition: Female Diabotical Invitational is a monthly women's tournament with money prize pools. The community votes for the game mode of each month.  It's the best place for the most active players to face each other, test their teams out and, of course, earn money. 

In order to be invited, you should be an active Discord community member and preferably take part in Girls' Nights.