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I was born in Poland in 1988. I was typing on a keyboard before I could speak and gaming was always my biggest passion. I graduated from two faculties studying them simultaneously. I have a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Public Relations and a master's degree in Law. I was working as attorney at law for 4 years when I realised that life is too short to waste in a field you are not devoted to. I bought an apartment in Spain and moved there to start new initiatives to which my skills and interests can be better allocated.


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I'm a 25 year old freshly graduated medical doctor from Poland. I'm interested in quite a lot of things but since many years gaming is my main passion. I've always been an AFPS fan with Quake being my main title, that's why moving on to Diabotical feels like a natural process to me. The grind devours most of my freetime and my main focus is to develop as a player. Right now, being a part of this initiative, I hope I can help other female players achieve the same goal.


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I have always loved video games from the age of 7, even the Game Boy I had was always with me in my dress up  purse that I would take places. I started working in the industry in 2008. I worked in many different roles within gaming and with many different companies. I obtained my first position within Esports in late 2017 and currently work for Wildcard Gaming.  I am a mom of 2 wonderful daughters who love to games as much as I do and its what we spend a lot of bonding time doing! When I was growing up, I did not know many girls who enjoyed playing games as much as I did. So after traveling to events and meeting other women with similar interests as mine, I wanted to create a space in which girls could meet others who play or compete in games.


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I am passionate about both the competitive and social aspect of gaming. I have been competing in FPS games for over a decade, focusing on discipline and overall self-improvement. My goal is to support the girls who wish to follow a similar path, whether it be individual growth as a player, streaming or joining our community. I graduated in Translation & Interpretation and loved working in IT & customer support, but not as much as I love esports.