Girls’ House was established in 2020 by 4 friends from the Arena FPS community with 15+ years of industry experience who all had the same drive to help women grow in Esports.


Our first initiative is set in a brand new aFPS game, Diabotical, and thanks to our cooperation with the game developers and their support, we deliver our community tons of action, both casual and competitive.

Glowing Game Equipment

Female Diabotical

Gaming Keyboard


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Who are we?

We are a group of girls from different countries who share a vivid passion for aFPS as well as FPS games overall. We met and spent a lot of time together in Quake Champions before deciding to become a part of the new Diabotical scene, where we came up with the idea of creating a special place for us, girls - a place of opportunities that we wished we'd had but didn't, and that we can now share with other fellow women gamers.


There has always been a stereotype that video games and Esports are only for men. Nowadays the trend is quickly changing. While there’s still a lot of work to be done for women gamers to feel comfortable and supported within Esports, the future does look bright. Whether they want to stream or compete, there are now more opportunities to do so. In order to accurately represent the female audience in Esports, a big shift in mentality needs to happen but, thankfully, there are more and more organizations focused on this goal, ensuring that women with an interest for Esports can find a place for themselves.

They love us

"Always cheering for my gaming sisters <3"

"I'm excited to see GH getting involved in Diabotical. Can't wait for results!"

"Some of the most dedicated and passionate gamers in the scene who never stopped the Arena FPS grind"

​Maciej "av3k" Krzykowski

James "2gd" Harding

Xavier "zoot" Dhorne